How to Recycle Jugs and Bottles

There are a lot of creative ways to reuse old bottles and jugs. Instead of spending time and money on hiring a rubbish clearance company in East London/, you can recycle them. You don’t have to use them as containers for liquid. For example, have you noticed that the bottom of a water bottle looks a lot like a flower or a snowflake?  You have a decorating idea right there. It’s a Christmas ornament or flower shaped tray for your jewelry. The limit to what you can do with plastic bottles and jugs artistically is really your imagination. They can also be used to form structures. So organize a waste clearance at home and recycle your bottles and jars.

You can use the top of a plastic bottle lined with a rubber glove as a moat to keep ants out of my hummingbird feeder in the summer. The moat is the only thing that has successfully kept all kinds of ants out of the feeder.  Unfortunately, it attracted a thirsty squirrel. As long as you keep the moat filled the ants stay away and the hummingbirds are happy…and so is the squirrel.

Plastic jugs and bottles are good planters, too. They hold in water in dry climates. If you live in a climate that gets more rain you can still use them as planters just keep an eye out and drain off extra water after a storm. You could also poke a hole in the bottom of the jug. There are instructions for how to make a bottle into a hanging planter with a plant growing from the top and bottom of the container.

Plastic jugs and bottles can also be used for dry storage. Because they’re somewhat translucent, you can see what is inside. To store something that wouldn’t fit through the narrow top of a bottle, you can cut the narrow tops off of two bottles.  You can then use the bottom of one bottle as the top of the other. Then, you can even store long spaghetti noodles in a plastic bottle without breaking them. Plastic is recyclable so even if you have excess bottles you can send them for waste disposal and the rubbish removal company will recycle them for you.

The tops of jugs and bottles make good funnels. Because of this, you can cut a jug or bottle in half, fill the bottom with a liquid that attracts bugs and invert the top. Suddenly, you have a fly trap. The flies can’t navigate back to the entry point so they end up drowning in the liquid. It’s easier than trying to chase them down with a fly swatter.

There are options like using plastic bottles and jugs along with wood as fencing material. Just use the wood as the main structure and have the plastic containers like stalactites and stalagmites pointing toward one another.

Because they are made of such durable material, plastic bottles and jugs can be used for many things. They can be filled or disassembled. They could even be used for their shape. They won’t break down when exposed to water or typical weather conditions. That makes them bad for the environment as trash, but great as a material with which to build. What’s better is if you find you don’t like your new bottle decorations much anymore, they’re recyclable. Save money on waste collection be reusing your jugs and plastic bottles.