Bulb & Tube Recycling

Bulb & Tube Recycling

The Facts

  • It is estimated that some 80 million fluorescent tubes and highway lamps are used annually in the UK.
  • This equates to approx 3,100 tonnes of material disposed to landfill, including 4 tonnes of mercury.
  • Mercury is used in a wide variety of products including fluorescent tubes, sodium and mercury lamps, button cell batteries, dental amalgam, thermometers, pharmaceutical and agrochemical formulations, all resulting in mercury waste.
  • The mercury from one fluorescent tube can pollute 30,000 litres of water beyond a safe level for drinking.
  • The recycling equipment separate the tubes component parts and distil the mercurial powder to produce 99.98% pure mercury.
  • The separated components – namely glass, metals and mercury – are all reused in other industries.
  • The process is authorised by the Environment Agency with the first Integrated Pollution Control (IPC) licence of its type in the country.
  • Recycling your fluorescent tubes means you can meet Duty of Care responsibility under the Environment Protection Act 1990.

How to recycle your bulbs and tubes

recycle your bulbs and tubes

Fortunately there is a safe, convenient and environmentally responsible way to deal with bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

  • We will arrange for a specially designed container to be delivered to you for the safe collection of your spent lamps.
  • You simply fill the container with your used bulbs and tubes then call us to arrange collection.

For you, that’s all there is to do, but for the tubes, it’s the start of a carefully controlled recycling process. They are taken to a purpose built facility in Manchester where the various components – glass, metals and mercury – are separated and recovered for re-use, all in accordance with the strict Environment Agency licensing requirements.

The Benefits

  • Demonstrates your commitment to the environmental best practise – proof of which is increasingly being demanded by both public and commercial customers
  • Provides a safe, convenient and efficient method of disposal, improving site housekeeping and reducing the volume of waste you send to landfill
  • Reduces health and safety risks to personnel
  • Eliminates harmful substances going to landfill and water courses, keeping you ahead of UK legislation and in compliance with existing waste regulations elsewhere in Europe
  • Supplies a Duty of Care Controlled Waste Transfer Note certifying compliance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Unfortunately this service does not apply to domestic users as their volume is insufficient and the costs involved would be prohibitive. Domestic users should contact their local authorities re disposal of bulbs and tubes.

Any commercial organisation wishing to enquire into recycling their bulbs / fluorescent tubes should complete our contact form and we will respond by advising details of cost and procedure.

email: [email protected]  / tel: 0845 337 3343 / fax: 01453 521321